Tuesday, December 06, 2005


I finished my classes this evening. I don't have to go back to class until the middle of January. I have to figure out my work schedule during finals but other than that I just have to learn all the stuff I was supposed to learn during the semester in the next 12 days.

So I'm standing in the courthouse and it's about the time of day when people who have been at the wrong courthouse all morning figure it out and come running across the street. They have usually scored a bench warrant b/c they missed their time while waiting across the street and want to get the warrant lifted.
Anyway I assume it's one of those guys. He asks if I'm a lawyer. I say "No, but who's your lawyer." He says he doesn't have one but he needs to see Judge Baldwin. I point out Judge Baldwin's court room and ask him "What do you need?" He says that he needs to see the judge right away, that it's a life and death matter.
He says "Someone is threatening me. I need to get my restraining order lifted so I can buy a gun!"
I pointed out the clerk and said "Talk to her." and then ran away.
I can't imagine how the judge would reason that one out. "Well, I have previously found you unstable and a danger to society. I did place a restraining order on you b/c you are so dangerous, but you seem to really need that gun. I'm going to lift it. Have a nice day."

To whoever keeps getting my blog b/c they're looking for a Sec Trans outline email me and I'll see if I can't hook you up. I could use a Civ Rts Lit outline in exchange.


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