Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Restless Natives

I learned a couple more things in court this week. A "World's Largest Source Of Natural Gas" T-Shirt can be the tasteful apparel to sway a judge at any DUII hearing. That wasn't my client. Also if you show up to court you've overcome the biggest hurdle in getting your plea deal. That wasn't my client either. They don't show up.

I went to a couple of shows...
actually I think I went to four and an opera. I remembered to bring my camera to exactly one. Recognizing my inability to remember my camera I packed it first. I'm going to D.C. I'll probably have to spend most of it in the hotel, if you're lucky maybe you'll get pictures of the lobby or something.
The best show was far and away the Reigning Sound. They totally blew me away. There's a feeling I get when I'm at a really good show. I got it at the Reigning Sound. They're right in there with Arcade Fire, Teengenerate, Quicksand, Guitar Wolf and 7 Seconds(about 10 years ago). If you get the chance at all to see them I highly recommend it.
I would give a collage of glossy sweaty photos of Greg Oblivian if I had remembered my camera. Instead you get on picture of the Deadly Snakes who are also musical genius but a little more low key.

As many of you recognize I am a freakin' genius. As such I decided to dump all the research I've done on my big paper, the A Paper (It's like a thesis but not quite). I'm starting over. I'm going to try something else b/c I didn't dig my old paper. That's only like another 100 hours of work I get to do this week! Damn I'm sharp.

I can't work blogger to get the pic in the right place and I want to post this before blogger decides I logged out.

I hope it's not raining in D.C. I'll try and post more. Rock On!


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