Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Antonio v Prop Trans

I've read almost all my prop trans. I have about fifty pages left. I'm sick of it. I think I was capitalizing prop trans yesterday. Can't remember now.
Anyway I think my first final is going to be on Saturday so by tomorrow I want to have all my notes typed and Prop Trans finished. Then I can spend Thursday at work and outline Thursday night. Work Friday, go to see the Arcade Fire (I know your jealous) and then sleep. Wake up and go over my outline once more and then take the final Saturday evening. Sounds great, I'm guessing I don't do the final until Sunday, but I'll keep shooting for Saturday.
I just did general procrastination today. I spent a lot of time on Buffalo Wings and Vodka. This poem got special attention. I also spent some time at The Onion. This article about the Supremes was great. I found out that U.S.A. Today has a crossword. Overall today's procrastination page is here.
Man, it's a wonder I didn't make law review.


Blogger cindylu said...

your adeptness at procrastination is inspiring.

12:49 AM  

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