Thursday, May 13, 2004


I'm not the world's best consumer. I like to buy stuff, I just don't like to go to stores like Walmart and Costco. If I had it my way all the stores would be like the mercado in Juarez. Buying anything would be a test of resolve, determination, rapid math and bargaining.
I went to Costco with some friends over the weekend. I noticed that they generally don't have the price per ounce listed so you can't quickly compare and see if it's cheaper somewhere else. I also noticed most of it is crap I don't want in the first place. I don't care if the DaVinci Code is 20% less than somewhere else. You check that book out from the library and read it in an afternoon, you don't need a copy. It's not As I Lay Dying or something you're ever going to read again.
I am unhappy with the checking your receipt part at the end of the trip. My friends pay a membership to go there. They shouldn't be treated like theives everytime they walk out of a store they just spent $100 at. I told the guy that he couldn't check my reciept. He thought I was joking. "I'm not joking, let me talk to your manager." I know the guy at the door is just doing his job and didn't want to deal with me. He got his manager and my friends were shocked.
When the manager came over I told him they weren't going to treat me like a thief, they can't check my basket unless they want to hold me for the police and if they did I would sue them for false imprisonment. The supervisor, he wasn't a manager, told me they didn't check the cart to see if I had stolen anything, they do it for my benefit in case the clerk made a mistake. "I watched the clerk, she didn't make a mistake. So you don't need to check my cart." His face kind of dropped, he said he still needed to check the chart.
Then I asked him why he didn't train his clerks properly, he said that Costco did. "Why do you need to hire another set of people to make sure that the clerks did their job right then?" He said that they're human and they make mistakes. I asked if the mistakes were enough to offset the labor, taxes, worker's comp and other costs they pay to this second set of employees. He said he didn't know the amount of merchandise that was caught through checking receipts. "Have you caught any so far today?" Once again he didn't know, but he was sure they had. This led right back to the fact that he obviously wasn't training his clerks properly. I told him I had managed and trained people to work a register and if I thought for a second that I would need another set of people to check their work I would either retrain them, reevaluate how I was training them, or fire them.
At this point my friends were looking very uncomfortable. Other people were stopping to look, the supervisor was kind of angry, and I wanted to go. I made him promise to alert his manager of my dissatisfaction, and to give me a call to apologize. He said Costco wouldn't change their policy. I then relented.
I do not understand shopping at Costco or Sam's Club. Fry's is at least honest, they have expensive components that can be hidden in your bag and that's why they check your stuff. This lie that it's in your interest to let them check is moronic. If you shop at Costco let them know that you watched the clerk and your receipt checks out. If that's not good enough for them ask them why they're treating you like a theif.


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man. it's no wonder we're such good friends. youre just like me (denise). but a bit more vocal......and, um....way taller. but you definitely rock the spot =-)

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