Tuesday, May 11, 2004

A couple things

First, the new blogger deal is kind of freaking me out. In the little tour it says it has all this neat stuff, but I can't figure out how to use it. Also, it's going to let you put comments up on it. I don't have a whole lot of comments, so I wonder what would be the big deal about switching from whatchamafuckit. I would lose all my old ones, but then I'd have one less component to the blawg. I might do that, I also have the time to switch over the side bar and change all the colors and stuff now.

Second, I got a gmail account. I know they're evil and they scan all your stuff and save it, but the government is probably doing that anyway. The way blogger and google are warming up one day I'll have a homepage with my mail, blawg, the weather, news feeds, and favorite stores all in one place. It'll be like My Yahoo, but without all the clutter.

Third, my old lady is evil. She got me hooked on Buffy the Vampire Slayer last semester. I ended up wasting a bunch of time during finals watching season 3 and now I'm on season 4. Season 6 is coming out soon. I've already finished 1,2, and 5. I think 6 is coming out soon and it looks like there's a season 7. This is going to eat up a huge amount of my life.

Fourth I'm done with finals. I have the sinking feel as I walk around and think, "I never laid out the factors of control under Respondeat Superior on my torts final! Oh No! Wait, was there a hypo that had vicarious liability?" I can't actually remember the hypos anymore, only what I didn't write about. I figure this will continue until I get my grades and then I can just feel bad.

Fifth, I have this compulsion, whenever I post I open up the blogger window and as soon as I publish I click the refresh on blogger. My hope was to one day see my blawg up in the most recently published window. I never did and now that I think about it, the way the new blogger is, I never will. Damn.

Last, since I'm done with finals I don't need the cheesy flash games. But this one is cool and worth playing. I've got some ideas for some posts so I'll probably be pretty active the next couple days, and I'll probably change up the blawg a little if I can figure out how the stuff works. There's a button for block quotes which I'm pretty excited about. I also get to read for fun now so I'll pass on any good books. Rock on.


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