Saturday, August 28, 2010

What to do with Glen Beck

Charles Blow had the most intelligent comment about Glen Beck's rally to restore American honor. In his column, he suggests that instead of getting angry about the obtusive nature of Glen Beck and his rallys, we should go back and listen to Dr. King's speech and reflect on Dr. King's message. I think that makes sense. You can't win an argument with Glen Beck with reason, logic, or facts, but I think the truth that is evident in Dr. King's speech might work.

I'd also recommend reading his letter from the Birmingham jail. And, one last thing that I think is important to remember when reflecting on these things is that they happened in 1963. Brown v. Board of Education had come down in 1954 saying that segregation was unconstitutional. Almost ten years later, Dr. King was fighting these illegal laws.

So, I agree with Charles Blow and I encourage you to share Dr. King's speech and letter with anyone who's interested in Glen Beck.


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