Monday, February 16, 2004

The Naked Cult of Hickey

Hickey was the last truly Punk band. You can disagree with me on this but you would be wrong. Matty Luv, half of the disastrous driving force behind Hickey, passed into that El Farolito of The Beyond a couple years ago. It was sad because we lost Matty and his energy, but even more importantly a whole genre of music died. Hickey was bizarrely a genre unto themselves.
I must have seen Hickey 10 times, even though I didn't live in the bay. Their shows were catastrophes. The music fell apart and the audience stumbled around in the rumble dancing to real chaos.
Every time I meet someone who is really interested in Rock'n'Roll I try to push Hickey on them. This is the real thing. This is DIY. This is youth rebellion. This is anyone can do it. This is all inclusive. This lets you be an individual part of everything.
Hickey was better than therapy, stood in well when you didn't have a date, and was a whole hell of a lot of fun. Hickey is probably the only band besides the Ramones who I've listened almost everyday for more than 5 years and who I think I will probably still be listening too in 50 years.
I came across this website. I think it's a great way to pay respect. I think it's a great introduction for the kids who missed it. I think it is necessary for anyone who wants to claim they know anything about Rock'n'Roll. I think it is required for anyone who is trying to start a band.
Read the site, download the music, by the CD from Probe if you can and try and figure out who's gonna play me in the TV movie. Gary Coleman? Meg Ryan? Kevin Bacon?


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