Friday, November 30, 2007

I've been listening to a little M.I.A. lately. I heard the song Paper Planes and it stuck in my head like glitter on a crafter. I took me two weeks to realize the sample was from The Clash's song Straight To Hell. Now both are on constant rotation in my head.

I actually didn't mind the songs stuck in my head after sitting through restraining order hearings the other day. It was nice to hear something blocking out the testimony.
Now, this isn't legal advice but it's probably not good to mention that "she makes me so angry I just lose it sometimes" when you're trying to get rid of a restraining order.
Some other phrases that don't go over well are "I didn't threaten her, I mean, yeah I said I'd kill her, but I didn't shout it. My voice was very calm."
"Yeah I threw her over my shoulder and dragged her up the stairs, but she lied to the cops when she said she was screaming at me to put her down. She wasn't screaming, she was just saying it."
"I didn't hit her, I might have pushed her a little, but it wasn't hard. She just fell down because we were so drunk."